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If it has been a while since the last time that you had an exercise, your body might not be in the best shape to work out. That is why it is important to take things easy. So your health will gradually improve.

Start doing 20 minutes of physical activity every day with the aim to finish the first week doing 30 minutes. Do not forget that when you exercise, you must go through a warm-up lasting approximately 5-10 minutes. During warm-up, you should relax your muscles, start moving your head up and down and from left to right. Continue to make circles with your arms and shoulders and then end it by touching your toes. A warm-up is not only important at the beginning of physical activity but also at the end, for 5-10 minutes with the same exercises. This activity will help you gradually lower your heartbeat and relax your muscles and avoid any muscle injury.

How to start exercising
  • Organize and devote an hour a day for exercise.
  • Walk with friends, neighbors, or with your pet.
  • Perform physical activity at the time you like, but ideally in the morning to get your body pumped up for the day.
  • It is not ideal that you exercise near bedtime because it can make it difficult for you to sleep.
  • Organize weekend activities such as soccer match, jogging or walking with friends or family members.
  • If you have a meeting at work with colleagues, make a proposal that you walk, your mind will clear, and you will become more creative.

As you can see, a lot of these activities are mild. However, do not stay in your comfort zone, always look to go further. Ask a friend to have a challenge such as play a sport, attend dance classes, Zumba, Pilates, etc.

Constantly remind yourself of your goals to keep you motivated. If your goal is to improve your health or lose that extra kilo, do not get discouraged if you find it hard to lose weight. The hardest part is starting!

Remember that when you have an active lifestyle you get many health benefits such as improving your appearance, reduce the risk of heart disease, weight control, self-esteem and lower stress levels. A lot of people today are at risk for many diseases. Now that you know how to start exercising, pull yourself together and start moving.

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