Skin Tightening Procedures To A More Youthful And Healthy You

Skin Tightening Procedure: Reasons Of Sagging Skin

One of the most significant problems on an aesthetic level that causes sedentary life is overweight. Some parts of the body are more affected than others. On this article, it will focus on belly skin tightening. When you lack physical activity, this not only brings an increase in weight but also the puffiness of the muscles, appearing flaccidity. Other possible causes that can produce a loss of tonicity in the abdomen area are wrong recurring postures, an unbalanced diet and, more infrequently, genetic factors.

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Generally, the loss of firmness is associated with aging since in mature age the epidermal cells lose part of their capacity to regenerate and contain the muscle fibers, leading to a progressive relaxation and sagging of the skin.

There are also other causes that can generate a loss of tone and smoothness in the skin. Pregnancy is a tough test for the skin of any woman because during the gestation period because our metabolism is subjected to hormonal changes that significantly alter the appearance of the skin and the regeneration capacity of the tissues, which leads to a loss of firmness. Weight variations are also essential and range between 9 and 13 kilos. One year after delivery, the body usually returns to its healthy weight, but not the skin which, if it has not received adequate care, becomes flaccid and with stretch marks. For the same reason, sudden changes in weight expand and contract tissues, and if they occur in a short space of time, they can not adapt to the new body volume.

Menopause is another crucial period since the reduction of estrogen brings with it the loss of type IV collagen. As a result, the skin loses thickness and elasticity, in addition to looking more opaque and dry. Preventive care is essential to maintain the excellent condition of the tissues.

Ways To Tighten Your Belly Skin And Other Parts Of The Body

The sedentary life is one of the factors that accelerates the degeneration of tissues since muscle fibers tend to atrophy and collagen and elastin deteriorate due to lack of nutrients and adequate oxygenation. A daily exercise routine will help you recover the tone in the affected areas. Exercise is an excellent stimulant of cell regeneration processes because it stimulates blood circulation, increases lymphatic drainage and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Finally, do not forget the importance of other external agents such as pollution, stress or sudden changes in temperature as our body acts by releasing substances that can destabilize the dermis. Some bad habits such as alcohol, smoking or sunbathing without protection, are very negative factors for the health of our skin as they contribute to cellular oxidation. This is reflected in a greater dryness of the skin. Ultraviolet rays can cause permanent damage to the state of our dermis. Food is also of fundamental importance since a rigorous diet can cause a lack of nutrients and lightning diets are also not advisable because the sudden losses of volume create a lack of firmness in the skin.

To achieve a flat and toned belly, we will then have to work on several fronts: nutrition, localized exercise, and cosmetic help.

Right food to eat

Body fat accumulates in different places depending on one person or another. In their distribution, it is true, genetic factors. However, in the specific case of the abdomen, even thin people may lack a flat and toned belly, and the leading cause is sedentary life and food temptations. All this translates into an increase in volume, which, when retracted, brings with it a flaccidity problem. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to flee from fast diets such as Pritikin or Atkins diets. They are unbalanced nutritional programs in which the kilos are lost as soon as they recover, subjecting the muscle fibers to stretching and constant contractions.

Eat slowly and drink at least two liters of water a day to facilitate kidney function. Fruits and natural juices are also highly recommended for their high detoxifying power. Finally, do not forget to eat a sufficient amount of protein per day, since this is responsible for generating muscle mass.

Regular exercise is a must 

If in addition to flaccidity you are overweight, we recommend regular aerobic exercise (cycling, walking, swimming, skating) since it is the most appropriate for the metabolism to burn fat in our body. To tone the area instead, you will need to resort to the localized exercise.

Surgery and some non-invasive procedures

When it is impossible to solve it only with exercises and topical treatments, then these cases, surgery or and some non-invasive procedure is the best option. The aesthetic operation intended to reshape the abdominal contour is called abdominoplasty. The surgeon who performs it must assess different factors such as the age of the patient, future pregnancies or the recovery time.

Another known procedure is the coolsculpting jax fl wherein it is a noninvasive procedure. It is presently the most popular skin tightening procedure available. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive and relatively quick treatment that allows experts of this procedure with an option to treat customers without any downtime or surgery, while it is also very successful when eliminating fat and tightening the skin.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to combat skin and abdominal sagging. Most of the time, it does not work with a single method, but it is necessary to have a comprehensive care of the skin both from the outside and from the inside. Surgery is the last resort and if you think it is essential in your case, ask for the prior assessment of a dermatologist, and in this way, you will always be in good hands.

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